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Filters Gumball Machine

The pre-rolled filter tip dispensing Gumball Machine is one of the newest additions to Roll The Life’s inventory. Gone are the days of rolling your own tips, inconveniently packing them up with your smoking material, and carrying it all with you! With our new gumball machine, you get pre-rolled filter tips at your fingertips without any effort. Perfect for any head shop or smoke shop, all your customers have to do is roll two quarters into this paper pre-rolled  tip dispenser and get ready to go!

We all know you’ve been looking for a way to add some flair to your smoke shop, and we've got just the thing: the Roll The Life filter tip Gumball Machine. Now when customers walk up to your store, they can get a little treat before they leave – a plastic ball containing 8 pre-rolled tips.

Comes with 420 filled balls to start!

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