"When Life Is Too Much, Just Roll With It, Baby" Steve Winwood

Hi, my name is Tina Tsui and I'm the co-founder of Roll The Life, maker of paper pre-rolled tips, natural rolling papers, and smoking filters. So how did we get started?

Well, back in the day the first time I ever smoked  I was told to EAT THE ROACH because it was my first. LMAO silly, I know, but I was a real amateur. If you don't know what a roach is, it's the leftover product from where your fingers can no longer hold the hand-rolled smoke. Without a trusty filter, the product gets wasted or in my case.. eaten.

Had there been a rolling filter tip like the ones you'll find here I would have never done that. So to exterminate those pesky roaches for good, Roll The Life was born.

There are different types of rolling papers and pre-rolled filter tips, but they all share one common trait: the materials they’re made from. This means that if you smoke with traditional rolling papers and cigarette filters, you’ll be inhaling paper fibers and other chemicals. That’s why Roll The Life uses only natural materials to create our natural rolling papers, paper pre-rolled tips, and cigarette filters. There are no added chemicals, so our paper pre-rolled tips and natural rolling papers are easy to use and safe for your lungs. Check out what people are saying about our amazing products here!

We really want you to have the best, most fun smoking experience possible so we've created a line of biodegradable, colorful, premium quality rolling filter tips to do that.

To make the experience even more fun, we created the rolling tip gumball machine that you'll find in your local smoke shops, dispensaries, and even some homes.

Thank you for being a part of our Roll The Life family. If you need anything at all just reach out to me, Tina at tina@rollthelife.com.


    With love,

    Tina Tsui, CEO & Founder

Roll The Life is a manufacturer of all-natural, rolling papers, pre-rolled tips, smoking tubes, and cigarette filters.