Pre-Rolled Paper tips and papers all in one convenient box. Refined Filters, Ø7mm Slim Rolling Paper Tips (15 each)


Dimensions: This natural tip is 7mm X 25mm. The papers are standard king size rolling papers (108 mm) Each pack includes 15 tips and 15 papers. Each display includes 24 packs. 


Material: Roll The Life pre-rolled tips and papers are made with 100% natural papers, bleached white. Our tips are made of pure natural grain fiber to provide you with high quality rolling paper tips.


S-Shaped design tip.


Time-Saving: These pre-rolled paper tips and papers are guaranteed to save you time. Rolling your own tips are a thing of the past. Just fill, and enjoy :)


Roll with the best, Roll The Life!

2-in-1 Bullet Pack Pre-Rolled 7mm Paper Tip Filters and Papers, Refined (15)